Never Stop Playing

The Benefits of Sports and Games

They help us to keep ourselves fit physically as well as mentally. They sharpen our senses and quicken our reflexes due to regular practice. And they make us feel more potent than before, which gives us self-confidence. Moreover, they are reasonable means of recreation and amusement.

However, some people take sports seriously as if it were the only business of life. They are so absorbed in games that they think of nothing else. This attitude towards sports does not give us an advantage or benefit except an exhilarating thrill at victory. We must study the benefits derived from different types of bandarq games and sports to determine which ones suit our temperament, taste and convenience. This will help us adapt those games that suit our tastes best, avoiding unnecessary strain on mind and body.

If we can enjoy sports without getting dragged into their serious side too much, then they will prove to be a boon for sure because every activity demands mental alertness. When we become too engrossed in games, the level of our consciousness will be on a lower plane all the time. This results in less alertness and hampers both mental and physical development.

So it is advisable to look upon sports as all-round education for us — mental and physical — rather than merely entertainment. We should not think about victory or defeat, but instead, we should take them like tests through which we can improve ourselves by finding out our weak points and working upon them.

If we adopt this attitude towards sports, they can help us overcome our weaknesses and gradually excel in our chosen field to attain perfection, which every one of us can achieve if only we try to do so with sincerity and honesty.

Some people may say that playing games is harmful for young boys, but this is not so at all. What is dangerous is when they are allowed to spend their time gossiping and thinking useless thoughts in the name of recreation. Not only will this be a complete waste of time for them, but it also will harm their expected physical and mental growth.

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