Telltale Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Every relationship has its pros and cons. However, some relationships have too many problems, and a time reaches when you can no longer bear the behavior and attitude of your partner. These are called toxic relationships, and you better get rid of them instead of sticking to them in the long run since they can seriously impact your social life and mental health.

Some studies also revealed that staying in a toxic relationship can increase your chances of developing heart diseases and mental disorders. This is the leading cause of death around the globe. So, by staying in a toxic relationship, you are indirectly decreasing your life.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the biggest signs of a toxic relationship.

You Have a Passive Aggressive Partner

Being passive aggressive provides your partner with no help in resolving the conflict. So, if your partner is being passive aggressive all the time, odds are that they do not want to fix things up with you, and are looking for ways to end the relationship.

So, if you think that something is off about your partner and they no longer seem interested in talking to you, you are better off ending malfunctioning relationships than sticking with a toxic partner.

The Relationship is Volatile

Another sign of a toxic relationship is that you have high volatility. For example, you will find it hard to tell when your partner is happy or upset about you. Of course every relationship includes conflicts. But they are not always extreme.

So, if extreme conflicts in your relationship are repeating again and again, odds are that you are in a toxic relationship.

These were some of the most common signs of a toxic relationship.

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